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Walkthrough/Checklist for public events in Akabur's new game: Witch Trainer. Note that this contains SPOILERS though I have tried to keep it. Let it be known however that the version of Witch Trainer known as "Silver Version" is not the work of Akabur, and thus will not be supported in. Princess Trainer Gold Edition Episode 1 Sonicomi Walkthrough Part 1 Prologue. by Chaotic Hunters.

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They consist of two events - during the day you give the tas and, if Hermione agrees to do it, during the night she comes in to report. The stronger the bond between you and the professor, the more points Slytherin will get. In this mode, the amount of your earned gold and the number of points that gets Slytherin will be two times more in comparison with the English game. Share in the closet day after day, until you find the directory. Access to the store can be obtained by finding the directory of the Dahr in the magic closet. Just like you told me to, sir.

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You can play for an unlimited amount of time until you give her the dress. And, of course, everything that could did - did I spent the first half of the day studying in the library Either wait it out or use gifts to calm her down. I kissed a girl. Also, if you have gone through the Phoenix line, it will add to your ending. Her name is Ginny Weasley If you choose to tutor her, she'll get mad you won't teach her. If you are purely a result you can immediately an effort to add the right amount of gold coins and beeg.vom desired number of points Tukiff. What happened to you, girl? Her mood won't stay good for long, even if you don't upset Hermione, it will soon change to neutral. And, of course, everything that could did - did. Snape will stop visiting your office by himself badmanrobin8 a. I flashed my tits to that Slytherine underclassman in a corridor

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