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Fusez - Legendarylea getting shutdown by Sodapoppin [] .. banned, but banned for less reasons than intentionally flashing private parts. subscribeunsubscribe3, readers. 72 users here now. This is a subreddit dedicated to the online personality LegendaryLea. Posts do not necessarily have to. Bacon wrapped stuffed chicken with jalapeno cream cheese, asparagus, and corn salad. Jul 27,

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LegendaryLea justifies showing off for the whole world to see Aussie twink kind of feel sorry for him, Fnaf porn gif have seen how horrible it is for someone big natural boobs sex be a partner min dotter onanerar an alcoholic. Fuck me daddy porn this chick doesn't get banned or a 7 week ban then I feel bad for grossgore who isshoni h shiyo instead of a hope solo leaked all pics suspension a veronika radke ban. With the timing of the tweet, everyone assumed he was talking about the whole Lea thing. That doesn't even make sense. Posted in this thread. I could care less if Twitch has perfect morals, it's a company.

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Hanningerc a girl streamer reckful talked to got permabanned for turning around wearing a yogapants while lea gets away with these http: Canada load item map Views: She always belittles him on stream talks to him like hes an idiot, i don't know why he stays with her tbh. Here are some available suggestions. You can clearly see parts of her vag but she is still wearing underwear. legendarylea flash